The Race

Saturday 27th October 2.00PM Start Queens Square, Bristol, BS1 Behind Prince Street & Welsh Back


267 North St

Clifton Fish Bar

4 Princess Victoria St
Clifton Village

Fish Lovers

Whiteladies Rd
Clifton Down

Henleaze Fish Bar

Henleaze Rd

Bishopston Fish Bar

Gloucester Rd

How the race will work

The race is open to anyone with a fixed gear bike! We want the race to bring fellow fixed gear fiends together and have a bit of fun, with the chance to win some awesome prizes. Remember, you’ll be riding on roads, so please ride safely and wear a helmet, we don’t condone any reckless riding, just have fun and take it easy! As well as the race itself we’ll be having a trackstand competition too, so use those red lights to your advantage and get practising!

Choose your path

5 check points, which are all chip shops around Bristol. All 5 must be visited but you can ride to them in any order, the route you take is up to you! Being Bristol, there’s a few hills in the way.

Points mean prizes

It’s points based! The first rider to a checkpoint gets 10 points, the second gets 9 points etc but the route you take will mean you can’t possibly be first at all 5 chip shops so you tactics and route planning come into play!

Om Nom Nom

Not lightening fast? Good for you, because you can elect to order & eat a battered sausage at a checkpoint and get 5 bonus points. So, do you race fast to get first place or go mellow but eat sausages, it's up to you!

Do I need to register or do anything?

Nope! Simply turn up on the day and we'll get you sorted! Just bring yourself, your bike, your helmet and some pocket money for battered sausages and you'll be right as rain.

The Prizes

FIXED 'n' CHIPS has been very fortunate in the way of sponsors, and we have a tonne of stuff to give away as prizes on the day. Hopefully, with the amount of swag we have, there should be something for nearly everyone, so everyone’s a winner. The person who comes in overall first though, is in for a real treat, in the form of a complete bike, the 'Vice', given to us by the headline sponsor State Bicycle Co. Now, if that’s not worth racing for, I don't know what is! Also, the first placed Man & Woman will receive a hand-carved wooden trophy in the form of a giant chip fork, carved by Tom Milner and laser engraved by Amalgam Models.

The Sponsors

We are very fortunate to have such a grand array of sponsors, who have kindly leant their name and donated a whole tonne of prized to FIXED 'n' CHIPS, of which we are extremely grateful. So why not check out our fine list of sponsors and click the logo to find out more about what they do and visit their corner of the internet.

Our headline sponsor:

State Bicycle Co.

Our fantastic sponsors:

All digital print provided by Ripedigital and all screenprinted materials provided by Whiteduck

The Results

The race was absolutely fantastic, with a staggering 79 riders taking part! A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to come and get involved, it's hugely appreciated. See below for the results:

Men's Podium

Women's Podium

Trackstand Competition Winner


D.F.L (Dead flippin' last)